Blogmas #7, #8, #9: Relaxed Productivity

After all of the fussy weather of Friday and the non-stop bustle of last week as a whole, this past weekend was so nice, slow, and yet incredibly productive, that the tone even carried over to today.

Saturday was just laying around, doing some odds and ends, and then I spent a few 25498361_2007430536200568_8005589303934923442_nhours in the salon getting a haircut, mani and pedi.  I did a quick drugstore stop to pick up some needed products.  Since my Use it Up Challenge, I’ve started to run out of basic products.  I know that I’ve written about my wanting to use only natural products, but I was desperate.  I needed body wash, a conditioner, some BB cream, and face wash.  I started to do my research on more natural alternatives, but I became overwhelmed.  There is a ton out there, most of them have to be purchased online and some are $23.  I’m not against the investment, but honestly I have no idea what is worth it and what isn’t and I was tired of smelling like my husband’s manly scented wash!

Later that afternoon it was all about naps for everyone, and that night Michael and I had a Christmas party with our dear, dear friends.  It was also their 24th anniversary/4th wedding anniversary early this month, and they had purchased a beautiful piece of artwork from Michael that was meaningful to them.  There was an unveiling of the piece by Michael at the party, and then we all sang to them as they danced to their wedding song.  We had the time of our life – and were still home by 10:30 pm. #adulthood


Sunday was so relaxing and yet highly productive I can’t even.  I’ve experienced this in the past where the slower I go, the more I actually get done, but it had been a long time since I’ve been this relaxed and this accomplished at the same time.  Usually I’m one or the other…

Today, my work here at the office is actually done and has been done since before lunch. I’m now moving on to my “nice to do’s” list.  This list is a running list that I keep that has things on it that are non-vital, yet highly supportive of the rest of my work.  As in, the more of this list is done, the smoother my day to day is going forward.  It’s a great feeling to be here and it’s because of consistency and not giving up that I am.  Organization can be done at anytime, but it’s consistency that is key for the long run pay off.

In a little bit I’ll take a break from work and run to the drugstore here next to my office building, to get some candy to make a little gift for our neighborhood crossing guard.  He’s a doll, does so much for our community’s kids, and plus he calls me sunshine when I go by everyday! You can ask around…not that many people call me that so it is appreciated.

Tonight will be simple holiday prep for having family over on Christmas eve.  I’ve taken all that I want to be done and split it up throughout this week in a way that makes sense, such as saving the task of cleaning the floors for last for obvious reasons.

Not that glamorous, or even interesting and that’s exactly how I want it right now 😉

Till next time,








3 responses to “Blogmas #7, #8, #9: Relaxed Productivity”

  1. Maggie Avatar

    Sunday sounds like it was such a nice day for you!! I love it when being productive can also be laid-back. I tend to picture the busiest days as the ones where I get the most done, but there are relaxed forms of productivity, too. Loved reading this post! ❤ (and I agree, it’s hard to figure out which natural beauty products are worth it!)


    1. Jenna Prosceno Avatar

      It was a glorious day! Sometimes when there is nothing on the docket the most things get done. I’m getting better at creating “breathing room” and found it’s all about balance. I’m glad that this post resonated with you…and if you find any natural products that you like, let me know!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Maggie Avatar

        Yes! Isn’t that strange? There’s such a lovely variety of productive days.

        Liked by 1 person

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