Blogmas #6: Horses, Traffic, Snow & Amazon

We’ve made it to Friday, and what a winter wonderland it is!

As I was writing this, it was snowing from Washington DC all the way up to Hartford, CT; as east to me as the New Jersey shoreline, and as west as Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Here I sit smack dap in all of it’s glory in little Wilmington Delaware.  When I awoke at 5 am, my weather swore to me that there would only be “a touch of snow”, but the 3″ we ended up with showed that was a lie.

As we left work one hour early, traffic was dead stopped for miles.  It took me 20 minutes to go 2 miles, and by the time it was all done and over and I was home, I had done 50 miles between the hours of 4pm and 9.  Merry Christmas.

Today was one of my doubles at the barn.  I fed and cleaned this morning, but they came in around 2:00 pm today due to the snow.  After sitting in traffic and finally braving unplowed back roads because I couldn’t stand the traffic any longer. I finally go to the barn to feed and clean again.   As I tucked my horses into their stall for the night, switching out wet cold blankets for some warm and heavier ones, adding hay and topping off water buckets, I realized that I’m caught up.


This entire week has been one huge lesson in slowing down, time management, and trying to be proactive but failing at it half the time.  I fell below my standards of organized and got pretty snappy.  When I didn’t get snappy, I was harboring resentment all on the inside trying not to let it leak out.  I recognize that and have decided just to get through it and analyze it later.  It’s never best to make big judgments while in the feelings; I learned that the hard way many moons ago.

Oh the pressure!….

So this Christmas I wrote about how our gifts came from small businesses and artiests etc.  There was a few things that I had to get from Amazon because there is no where else to get them.  It dawned on me that I was a bit sad that not EVERY gift was coming from a shopkeeper or artisan, but that’s too much pressure.  Shopping small is a decent commitment since it requires entering into shops and browsing.  I plan on starting sooner than October next year, but in the meantime Jeff Bezos was at least once a small businessman right? With that in mind, I added to the order the odds and ends that I still needed to get done.  I figured if I had to pay the shipping, why not just get it all at once and save the gas and time.

The moral of the story is that sometimes you have to give yourself a break, especially around this time of year. Sometimes plans change, and you realize that your current systems need to…and that’s ok.  The best thing to do is just roll with the flow, and while relaxing mull over what would the best possible solution…while sitting in traffic 😉






Want to see more of my horses?


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