Blogmas #5: Clearing the Desk & Pondering Self-Sabotage (with OOTD)

Today has been so low key that I’m not sure that I can fill this space with anything overly interesting…

However, in the spirit of consistency, here I am.

It is Wednesday, and at the office today I did a lot of necessary but non-vital work.  It was a lot of correspondence, client service, and file maintenance.   Just little detailed tasks that can make or break the efficiency of settling a case down the line, but does nothing for the overall movement of your large stack of work.  Tomorrow I have some brain intensive work to do that is extremely detail oriented.  It would be nice to have moved some of that work product today, but I realized after my 100th interruption that it will be more efficient to find other work to do today so not to have to redo any mistakes.

I feel like a Wednesday is energetically the perfect day to do these kinds of tasks.  Doing so cleans up the week from the residue of the prior two days and keeps Thursday and Friday fresh and ready for getting it in and finishing strong.  I’m thinking that tomorrow will I can divide up the bulk of the work between Thursday and Friday.  Even if I have a little spillage into Monday, it still going to be a fresh slate!

This morning at the barn it was a hard go.  The weather had me doing a ton of extra chores because freezing temps and horses always equal customized blanketing, extra hay, trying to stick the heater in the trough, dragging a hose from inside to use outside because the outside hose was mistakenly left in 18 degree weather…the list goes on.  On top of it all, I really needed to hit the grain store this morning, but by the time I was all done what needed to be done, I had to head home to hit the showers.  The past two weeks have run me ragged with weather changes and all the extra that comes with it.  As such, I am really looking forward to getting my shit together Thursday through Sunday.

At home tonight, I did my 12 Things to do on a Wednesday list so that this weekend I can concentrate fully on a few topics that I like to explore…

Aside from my Christmas odds and ends, and a holiday party; I want to sit down an map out some projects that I’ve been thinking of.  Priority is my YouTube channel.  I have a lot that I want to share in terms of work methods, economical horse care, home management, paralegal work, finance management, etc.  I want to share all that has, and has not, worked for me on my path and I know that it can help people.  I need to get my research done on cameras and editing, even though I plan to begin by using what I have , I know some investment will be necessary.  I also want to get my webinars and e-books outlined and ready to draft.  While I’m at it, I plan to take my new day planner and frame out my writing time and block it off so that I can hit the ground running in 2018.



Sometimes I wonder if my need to organize and clean is in a small way an avoidance tactic related to self-sabotage?  I write plenty of legal courses and present them as seminars…it’s easy and enjoyable for me.  I complete them in the 90 days that they give me to structure and write them.  They give me a firm date to record live, I do so and I’m done.  There is zero reason why I can’t have this done for my own subject matter.  Especially when I think there is a need for what I can be of service for.  Thoughts to ponder…

In terms of fashion, something I don’t get too excited about, I would like to share my polished and frugal outfit of the day.  Bear in mind: #notamodel

Today I am having a “naked makeup” look, meaning it is light brown matte eye shadow, 25152220_2005069799769975_3896780631982939728_nno liner, just mascara and moisturized, no concealer, no BB cream, no foundation because no time.  I make it all look like it was done on purpose by paring my quick make up with a nice red lip. My hair is wet from my morning shower après the barn, and I only had time to dry the roots.  My hair drying in a topknot will actually be my waves later on…so yay for low maintenance.

My button down oxford is Brooks Brothers purchased at a massive sale in a Brooks Brothers store in Niagara Falls, NY years ago.  (Definitely wasn’t more than $30) It has gray fine double pinstripe with my favorite BB staple stiff collar.  This shirt has been worn with my riding pants while training as well, and yet there not one pull, stray thread a button missing.

My pants were given to me by my mother when they didn’t fit her quite right.  They are a petite length, making them short for me.  Since they fit so nice everywhere else and are hella comfortable, I turned them into an “Audrey Hepburn” look to be worn with button downs and cardigans.

25158302_2005069763103312_1443288402858779106_nMy “Christmas pearls” as I call them, are the real deal, freshwater pearls that were a Christmas gift from my parents a few years ago. They make the outfit more Audrey.

My shoes, affectionately referred to by my husband as my “pilgram shoes”, are stride rite paten leather flats because I wore heels yesterday and I can’t do that 2 days in a row!

There is proof that work clothing can still be polished though it was basically free.

A quiet day to ponder and putts around tying loose ends is never a bad thing…




What are your thoughts and ideas?

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