12 Things To Do on a Wednesday In Order to have a nice week(end)

It may feel like time is speeding up and the days are going faster and this can make us feel rushed and overwhelmed.  I learned during challenging times that a Wednesday can be just as restful and used as a “re-set” day as a Sunday can.  Here are my tricks to make it so;

Change your bed linens 

First thing in the morning, strip your bed and let the mattress air out while you are getting ready for your day.  After you are done, make your bed nice and crisp. Pull the sheets taunt, and fluff the pillows. Before pulling up the duvet, spray your sheets with a linen spray.  There are so many nice DIY sprays that you can make with lavender essential oil.  If you are not the DIY type, always check Marshalls and TJ Maxx for some very inexpensive yet high quality ones.

Have a hardy breakfast

I leave so early in the morning and it’s hard to have the desire to fry up some bacon, but I do make sure that I eat larger breakfast full of protein on Wednesday mornings. The stigma of the “hump day” can rub off on us and it can feel longer than any other day of the week.  Since I want to finish the week strong, I find that filling up on protein early keeps me full and focused.

Meet up with a friend for your lunch hour

I do my best to schedule lunches and coffees with colleagues on a Wednesday.  The day is in the middle so it’s not as rushed work wise as the beginning or the end of the week, and by this point everyone is looking for a breather.  After the fun break with a few laughs, usually I get great work mojo for the rest of the week.  If no one is around to meet up, then this is when I will watch a documentary or something fun at my desk while I eat or go out by myself.

Get down to communication zero

This has to be worked at, but it is not impossible.  Take Wednesday to tie up loose ends communication wise while there is still two more days left in the work week.  This means voicemails, messages, and emails

Fill your gas tank & vacuum your vehicle

By Wednesday you may be at or near a half a tank of gas and maybe some wrappers have collected on the floorboard. Filling and tidying up halfway through the week ensures that you’ll never be late to work due to low fuel, and it saves you from having to stop and do it on the weekend. Plus there is just something about getting into your clean car that has a full tank of gas that empowers the feeling of being prepared for the rest of the week.

Immediately do a load of laundry…all the way to completion

When you get home, change and head straight to your laundry pile. Grab only what you can finish by bedtime.  Anything is better than nothing so long as you can have it washed, dried, folded and put away before bed.

Unpack your hand bag and your work bag; declutter, clean, & re-pack with only the essentials

While the water boils or the casserole cooks, dump out the contents of your purse and work bag.  Clean out wrappers and sort receipts. Straighten the bills in your wallet, put your credit cards in order of use.  Scoop any change from the bottom of the bag and put in your change section.  Did you use anything that you need to replace?  Do the same inventory for your work bag…are there papers that you need to be reviewed or filed? Need to restock your business cards? Anything that you need to bring into the office the next day? When done, place them by the door with your keys.

Have a nice dinner and pack your lunch while you cook

This should be one of your favorite dishes. Even if it takes a little more time to prepare than your usual 30 minutes and done fare.  Take your time and enjoy the cooking process of it.  Try a new wine with dinner.  Turn off electronics.  The point is to slow down and create pleasure in the tasks that we have to do anyway, but with the added mindfulness to create balance.

While you have the food out, make yourself a lunch for the next day to take to work with you.  If possible, set out some containers for any leftovers that you’ll be able to take to work on Friday.  One stone…three birds.

Scrub your bathroom pieces and quick mop the floor

This is a quick 7 to 10 minute wipe down, the tub, sink and toilet.  A quick sweep and damp mop will make you feel so good when you walk in the next morning. Check the toilet paper, soap, and any other product that you use. This will save you from running across the hall to the closet while soaking wet to grab the shampoo on the morning that you overslept.

Take out all of the trash in your house

Start from the top floor and go into every room with a can and take it out.  Out with the  first half of the week to make space for the new.

Take a hot shower/bath, and fully groom from hair to toes

This is the mud mask day, the plucking of the eyebrows day, the oil and push back the cuticles day. In other words the things that you have to do regularly, but not necessarily everyday.

Go to bed one hour earlier than usual

You have balanced and reset your car, your house, your diet and your cuticles…it’s now time to reset you. Get some extra rest so that you can power through the rest of the week and end on a high note. In order to accomplish this, I don’t turn on the Netflix at all on this day, nor will I attend any functions on Wednesday evenings.  I protect this day with all that I have so that I can rebalance myself, my home and my family.

In Conclusion,

Wednesdays are actually pretty important.  It only has a bum wrap because most people forget that they have the power to chose and create what they experience.  Wednesdays is a recoup day for me because no matter how rough the first two days were, I’m giving myself a chance to hit the “reset” button and finish strong on my terms; and if it was already a good week, then I want it to end even better.  Give Wednesday a chance to help you be successful.




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