14 Things To Do On The 1st Of The Month

Fitting to pull this out of the archives on the eve of June 1st 2022. Enjoy!

Jenna Prosceno

The beginning of a brand new month always ,feels fresh and full of promise.  Capitalizing on that momentum, as well as having weekly “reset days”, is what I have found to be the trick for a successful 4 weeks.

Looking at your calander in the beginning of the month, and really dedicating the time to ensuring what is on there is confirmed and cannot be delegated or outsourced, leaves you concentrating on the details off the bat before there are any distractions.  This keeps the upcoming weeks  flowing even when things pop up that are out of your control.

14 Things to do by the first of the month

With (REBLOG: June’s arrival and Summer Equinox right around the bend) March’s arrival and Spring Equinox right around the bend, I’m about to do my monthly “Welcome” where I tidy and sort so that the upcoming 31 days (REBLOG: 30 days) can go as smooth as possible.

Work wise, the last…

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