How to Have a Neat & Tidy Life

A timeless list to start the journey of getting your sh*%t together! I still use this list today, it’s a great foundation to expand upon as you evolve.

Having a “ground floor” basics of tidy to support your ever growing life is so wonderful. Look forward to seeing more lists like this one that are comprehensive and stack so “neatly” on top of this one!

Jenna Prosceno


So there is living by the seat of your pants where you wake up and just spend your entire day reacting to things, then there is the alternative…planning for what you can and doing your best to not be worried about what you can’t.

I’ve done it both ways.

From personal experience it is nice to have everything in it’s place, a place for everything and knowing that although you can’t prepare for every unexpected thing, you have the peace in knowing that you’ve created enough buffers in your life systems for emergencies.  It’s invaluable peace of mind and it’s accessible to everyone.

It’s amazing how when you keep with a routine even a really bad week won’t put you behind in the details like laundry, cleaning, groceries.  It is really nice having solace in the fact that if you need to take a week “off”, your bills are paid…

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