Avoiding Mistakes That Decrease Your Value & Marketability As A Professional

A reminder worth the reshare – zoom work enviroment or live.

Jenna Prosceno

I want to begin this post by stating what professionalism isn’t;

Professionalism isn’t giving in to irrational demands just because they are a customer, client, or another professional who has a need that is out of bounds.  Professionalism isn’t talking in a syrupy sweet voice no matter how ill behaved the other side is.  Professionalism isn’t indentured servitude to your company because you love your profession.

Professionalism, loosely translated, is the conduct, aims and characteristics of a professional person conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession.  This means that anyone can be a professional anything with dedication and ethics.  What truly defines a professional in my mind, is someone that is trusted and revered because they chose to spend their time honing their craft.

I’ve seen a professional server that had several restaurant managers chasing her and were willing to pay her anything she wanted as her nightly…

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