Everyday Things You Need to be Purchasing from TJ Maxx

I’m obsessed with maximizing my budget, but I will never sacrifice quality…

When I do know that I need something, I always think to myself; “how can I get this at the absolute best price without sacrificing quality?” Many times it leads me to TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Homegoods.

So just to be very accurate for this post, I took on the responsibility of doing the field work for this post by going to TJ Maxx to diligently document what I found. It was a tough job. There may be a haul at the end….

I learned that TJ Maxx receives their shipments daily, this means that their inventory changes over often and pretty quickly. Maybe you will find the best of the best within these categories your first shot, and maybe you’ll have to go back a few times, odds are you won’t leave empty handed so tread lightly…

…and bring a budget.

Spices: I’m getting into cooking with fresh ingredients, and I like to look in this area for inspiration that I can use later….when I know what I’m doing.


Teas: I’m more coffee than tea, but my father gave me a gift set this past Christmas, and I didn’t know that teas come in flavors like Mango! I’ve been finding out what I like and TJ Maxx’s is a great selection to experiment with very inexpensively.

Vitamins – Do not sleep on this possibility…from actual vitamins to supplements, you can find a lot in this aisle.

Meal Prep Staples – It really is easier than ever to prep healthy food and take it with you. These were 3.99 each so they pay for themselves every time you pass a drive thru without going through it.

High-end Shampoo/Conditioner, Face products, Body products – Frederic Fekkai, CHI, Living Proof, Biosilk, Big Sexy Hair…its all here for 12.99 or under. I found a Biosilk set with two shampoos and a conditioner for $25.

How about Philosophy body wash? How about paying $11 for it? If you’re a natural deodorant person, it’s $4.00 less expensive here than at the drugstore. Speaking of natural, I found sustainable bamboo toothbrushes for half of what you would spend on Amazon…

Cleaning Supplies – This section is one of my favorite sections to visit. I got a Bona hardwood set with cleaner and mop for $16.00 a few months ago. This section changes often but they seem to have a steady supply of Bona and other household staples. Every single one of them smell so good!

Linens – There is a lot of Lauren, Kate Spade and Calvin Klein for $40.00. They were quality sets with high thread count…and don’t get me started over the comforter sets. I definitely check here before anywhere else when I need new sheets.

Workout Equipment – Kettlebells for 17.00, Gaiam yoga mats for 9.99…it’s like there is no reason to pop on a YouTube video and do a few squats and poses in the living room.

Pet Supplies – We can’t possibly forget the fur-babies now can we? Dog beds, leashes, harnesses, collars, feed bowls and poo-poo bags – the works!

I found these wonderful Nicole Miller New York dog beds, but if you don’t like the pattern, then you can chose from the ample stock that they always have.

Also they are always stocked are pet washes. You see the Bert’s Bees doggie shampoo too right? And CHI?! How high end can you get?

I couldn’t be more happy knowing that there will always be a wonderful decor or storage addition that I can depend on Homegoods for. If you are so inclined, I highly recommend their MasterCard. It is a points card so using it for gas gets you closer to $10 and $20 gift certificates that arrive with your bill and don’t expire for 2 whole years. Every 1,000.00 spent earns $10. Certain times of the year points on things that you’re going to buy anyway – such as gas and groceries – double or triple earning you more free money to spend on household goods. Just remember to pay it off in full monthly, or have a repayment plan in mind for large purchases!






What are your thoughts and ideas?

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