6 Things That Resentment Costs You

Always worth the reminder!

Jenna Prosceno

Resentment:  “Bitter indignation at having been treated unfairly”

Oh the complexity of human emotions.  Feeling the full rage of instinctive and intuitive feelings that we’re born with – but told not to feel – is in fact the very reason that we are here…to feel.  Emotions that can be anything from sheer blissful joy, to deep bitter grief that transcends through all of that we do, is part of our purpose.  We can run from the “bad ones”; we can deny them, we can “buck up” and refuse to feel them, but only for so long.  On the other side of things, we can get stuck in emotions.

6 Things That Resentment

There was a point in my life where seemingly no matter how much good stuff I had going on, there was just as much conflict and negative to go along with it.  I was constantly looking over my shoulder because whenever something really great would…

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