Blogmas #10: How To “Win” At Running Late

Today I woke up at the time where I’m usually turning the horses out for the day, and starting my chores.  Yes, I overslept by 1.5 hours…which I have not done in 3 years.  While the horses were a tad perturbed that breakfast was late by 60 minutes, I still got the heavy bulk of my chores done and was home by 8 am.  I will have to do a little extra tomorrow to make it up to my barn-mate tomorrow though 🙂


I did skip my usual 4 egg omelet and coffee this morning however, so to move directly to shower, hair and makeup.  What I did do is stop by Dunkin’ Donuts for a peppermint mocha to enjoy on my way home.

Hence a new “running late routine” was born:

On mornings that I am running late, I’m going to take my dog with me so to double as his outdoor time in lieu of our morning walk.  I will do my 3 stalls complete with hay and fresh water, but have to leave 2 stalls for my barn-mate over the usual 1.  Then I will pick up one of her chores the next feed.  I will stop for a delicious coffee to go on my way home, and once I get home, I will go straight into getting ready for work.  I will have a quick and comfy outfit on stand by for when there is no client contact, and one dressier outfit at the ready so I can grab-and-dress.  In terms of breakfast: I’ll be sure to be prepared for this routine by making and freezing some quick breakfast meals that I can take with me to work.  Once I’m in my office, I will begin my work routine in the same way that I do any other day to get back to “normalcy.”

Part of living an organized life where you strive to have balance means that you will inevitably run late.  Well organized and well balanced has a polar opposite which is behind the clock and disorganized.  It. Will. Happen.  In the instance that it does, take that instance to put in place a Plan B and whatever you do, do not panic.  I was cool as a cumber today and that made all the difference.  I was able to streamline and focus with the energy that I would have used being angry, panicky, and mentally beating myself up.

Fortunately, this rarely happens to me.  However, I’ve run late enough times in my past that I know to take it as a sign.  Advice from a reformed late-aholic: if you are constantly running late to everything, then please re-evaluate.  It’s a sure sign that something needs to change whether it be inside your schedule, or your personal habits.  I have found that at one point I was just doing too much and many things were overlapping time wise.  Another time it was just that I was staying up too late and wasting too much time because I didn’t know the proper way for me to unwind myself.  In the end though, I learned which is why today didn’t bother me too much.

Oh Amazon…

Turns out though that I wasn’t the only one running late, so was Amazon!  Nothing I love more than spending $19.99 to guarantee delivery by a certain date and not having it show up on that day.  This made me re-evaluate my own self…from this Christmas forward, anything coming from Amazon, or the internet in general, must be ordered in November.  If anyone wants anything from Amazon after that time, I will look up the price and then buy them an Amazon gift card. My time is worth more than checking and triple checking tracking information.  This also reinforces my commitment to shop small and local.  Next year Michael and I will start shopping in July instead of the end of August.  I know that this sounds over ambitious, but I really feel that planning ahead as much as possible is not only doable, but necessary.  The great thing about Christmas is that as of December 26th you have 364 days to prepare!  A little at a time is best for the bank account too.

In the end, I may have woke up late and owe my barn-mate an extra chore tomorrow morning, but all ended up well.  I still made it to work looking like a professional, I had a phenomenal call with my scheduled 10 am that shows promise and lights my passion for management, entrepreneurship and the business of law, and as I finished up this post my last box from Amazon arrived.  There is something to be said for keeping your attitude right during days that don’t start well…only took me 38 years to learn that 😉




3 responses to “Blogmas #10: How To “Win” At Running Late”

  1. Online shopping in December is such a dangerous task, haha! One year, a present one of my family members ordered finally arrived at the house just a few days before Christmas. Guaranteed shipping by the holidays should be available to all, but I can’t imagine how busy online stores are around Christmastime. So happy your package arrived in time!


    1. Yes! I won’t ever do this again, the anxiety isn’t worth it lol. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Definitely not, haha. You’re welcome 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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