(Easy) Household Management Series: Purging

Household management is something that isn’t taught in school.  However, thanks to the internet and YouTube, you can find 100 million different ways to do it, which is a great thing since we all have different needs/habits.  Some of us want simple, while others want lavish. No matter our personal styles, I think we all deep down inside want to be Martha Stewart…but we have to remember that she has a staff.

So us folks without a staff finally decide to buy a house, rent a flat, move into the trailer, or pitch a tent…but now what? Unfortunately, we can’t just come and go and give it no attention. Just like the car needs gas and oil changes, the household needs attention to run smoothly and provide for us.

22050235_1972275646382724_6168306699210905034_nIn the active life that I lead, I love our home, but I don’t want to be tied to it every weekend.  I also don’t have the desire to shop the container store for matching bins, nor am I going to chalk paint anything more than once per year.  Yet, I’m really proud to report that our house is clean, clutter free and organized.  This was attained simply by letting go of “Pinterest expectations.” I may use it as inspiration and motivation – but I’m done crying over my Pinterest Fails.

In this Home Management series I am going to take you along with me on my Fall Sweep as I like to call it.  Even though everything in our house we love and is useful to us, every season change you can find me taking a truck load to the Goodwill, or selling something on Craigslist/Facebook.  Our needs change and they don’t often change back so I feel that it’s ok to let the tools that you no longer need so that someone else may find them beneficial.  We get too sentimental about physical things, when it’s better to express that emotion and just document the memory. Take a picture and then let that physical object go.


I am very interested in having a warm, relaxing, and nurturing winter.  I want to enjoy the holidays fully without running out to stores one million times. I plan on lighting a fire a day in the hearth and celebrating life with my family and friends with game nights and cozy cocktail parties.  In order to do that, I’m purging/organizing/stocking/cleaning and maintaining the house now by setting up simple structures.  But before that…comes the purge.

I always begin the Fall with a massive purge because you can’t organize and clean clutter.  Sometimes I purge so deep that Michael and the cat start looking around thinking they’re next.  I recently began my process and completed the downstairs and got to a little of the basement.  The biggest purge came from the bookcases that we keep in our dining room.  We keep our library in the dining room like true nerdy aficionados, and because of exposed brink walls that we love; there really isn’t any other place for them.  Books are very hard for me to purge because I spend money on them and I’m always afraid that I’m going to someday want to go back to re-read them – though I never really do that.  So OUT they went.

Doubles – gone.  Personal development books that I no longer resonate with? Set free.  The shelving got the deep clean that they deserve, the floors were washed by hand, the table and chairs polished.  Windows and sils were scrubbed and brand new blackout curtains were purchased at Burlington; 4 panels for $28.00.  While we had the book cases pulled away from the wall to clean, we (Michael) painted the accent wall.

When we were done, I ran out and bought a nice big plant for the corner, (Dylan named 18839034_1972275746382714_5344925412466160594_nhim Teak), Michael hung a piece he recently created and we were done.  That’s one entire room purged, cleaned and ready to greet guests for fall dinners.  The only thing to do next is upgrade the lighting – still in progress – floating shelves or art above the cases, and a table-scape for fall.

This deep clean and mini makeover couldn’t be done without a deep purge first. It’s too hard to move around “stuff” both literally and figuratively.  A quick YouTube search on purging can yield indefinite results.  One of my favorite people to watch is the Messy Minimalist.  She’s funny and authentic about the process of decluttering.  I’ve always had the desire to purge every season, as well as after emotionally hard times, but some people go the other way with things.  Messy Minimalist shows the entire journey of “coming to her senses” and the work that it takes to undo it all.  You won’t be sorry for stopping by…in fact I’ll watch like 5 in a row!

Another great resource that I’ve mentioned here before is Marie Kondo’s method: The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up. This method is deep, quick, and only done once in your life.  She explains that everything that you own should spark joy.  Take it from someone who has done this method personally…it works. No matter how dirty my house gets from a weekend of hard living, I still look around and love what I see.  This has given me pleasure when it comes to the objects that I own and the home space that I live in.

Purging physical things no only opens up physical space, it opens up mental space too. Since this past purge, I’ve been lighter and brighter. I’ve been happier too. I love this house and whom I share it with and I want that comfort and homey feeling to radiate when you walk in here.  Sometimes I feel badly about not being like the big designers on YouTube and not running out to West Elm or ordering from Z gallery – but everything here has a story, and none of it was expensive.  As such, the animals and Dylan can be who they truly are without me crying about my custom couch.

22154427_1972275776382711_9018013211710633252_nNo matter where you live, what it costs you per month or whether or not you own it, you deserve to have a space that reflects who you truly are as a person.  My house gets a “lived in” look from time to time daily, but it’s usually around the time where I’m going to enjoy putting my favorite album on (Quinn Hedges; Slightly South of Stormy Clouds) and dip my hands into warm soapy water and clean so to best serve my family – who deserve to live with sparkling floors and fresh laundry.  Our home serves us and I want to serve it right back so the cycle can continue.  It’s easiest for me to do this as someone who lives a (cozy) minimalist lifestyle, but someone else may want the joy of dusting their 100 different collections of tchotchkes.

Home and homemaking is individual and should be done in a way that best serves those who live in it.

It’s Fall ya’ll and I want this place sparkling and stocked for the months ahead! I want to enjoy this season and the upcoming holidays with minimal interruptions.  So come along with me as I do it all in live time.  Here’s the layout 1x per week for the next 4 weeks;

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What is that saying…to change the world start at home? What if every person on the planet took care of their spaces and homes? What would that look like? Let’s find out….


In Service,




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