Learning about Springtime

In honor of our “springtime” weather here on this part of the east coast, I’m reblogging a little ditty about teaching the young ones about Spring. Included were books about Passover because I believe to capitalize on a child’s natural tendency to be inclusive, they should learn as much as they can about what other people may chose to believe.

Hopefully it’s 70 degrees in February wherever you may be reading from!

Jenna Prosceno

When I was feeding horses in the dark on cold February mornings, I swore this georgous weather would never come.  (Although I am better, God and I still have conversations about my patience) But come it has and thank you Lord for the beauty!

In early April, Dylan and I took our monthly walk to the library to stock up on some homeschooling material for the first half of April.  Here is what we found;

In our house we believe that learning about all religions of the world, as well as all cultures, is fundamental to breeding peace and tolerance of other’s belief systems.  Our son knows that there is a God, but he is also learning that there are many names for HIM.  We also want Dylan to know how and why some religions were even founded in the first place.

Since we were only weeks out from Easter, and we…

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