An Update on the Upcoming: Women & Money Course

I had so much fun filming How I Simplified my Finances! Odd right?! I mean it’s kind of a boring subject at best, and an overwhelming one at worst.   However, if you watched it then you got something from it. Whether it was from my personal story surrounding money, my showing how having an “escrow” account keeps those quarterly bills organized, or you became interested in one of the books that I show at the end.  My hope is that I can reach at least one person who truly wants to become financially free and inspire them to take control of their books utilizing what they already earn.

As such, I am here to give an update about the actual online course that I am writing to help you go deeper in creating your own money system, as well as the emotions surrounding why maybe you don’t want to. Below is the rough outline of the “syllabus” that I’m going to instruct from and I promise you…I won’t let it be boring, overwhelming, or unmanageable. Remember, I once was deeply in the red and I had to just start and figure it out as I went…I’m simply showing you how I did it. Of course with this being the information age, I also got great help from the advice of many authors, teachers, “gurus”, and people who did it for themselves. I can’t forget to mention the role models that my parents were financially as well.  My falling off my money path had nothing to do with them and everything to do with being stubborn and a tad insecure! Coming to that conclusion was a ton of fun.  I kid.

I will keep the course as close to 90 minutes as possible, as that’s how I have come to instruct. Teaching continuing education credits via webcasts for paralegals is the experience that I’m building on here and I usually only have an 1.5 hours to cram a ton of information!

With this course hosted on, the participant will get the e-book for free.  However, I understand that there are those who like to study on their own so the e-book can be purchased separately.  I look forward to doing this!




Money & Responsibility

  • Why ORGANIZATION Builds Wealth: Budget Book, Financial Binder, Document Binder, Minimalistic Filing System
  • Credit Score Management: The importance of Credit Scores, 3 Things to do today to up your score, Know your rights about “zombie debt collectors”
  • Household Finance Management: Monthly Budgets
  • Household “Escrow” & Savings Accounts
  • How to Structure Budgets: Personal, Family, & Hobby Accounts
  • Long Term Goals: Real Estate, Education, Retirement

Emotion & Money

  • What is “White Knight Syndrome”?
  • Recognize a Shopping Addiction
  • What is Financial Enabling?
  • Lending & Co-Signing to Friends & Family

Divorce/Break-up & Money

  • Why You Must Avoid “Money Games”
  • Providing Receipts for Child Support
  • Dependent Savings Accounts
  • Financial Dependency/Co-Dependency on Your Ex
  • Dependency on “The System”: How to Use Emergency Assistance Effectively

Career & Money

  • What Are You Worth?
  • Your 3 Year Money Plan
  • Keeping Your Books: expenses, travel, education, entertainment


Entrepreneurship & Money

  • The Art of the Side Hustle
  • Avoiding Loans by Starting Small
  • Keeping Your Books: expenses, travel, entertainment, investments, equipment


What do you think? Do you have something to add? Want to share this with someone that you think will have valuable insight to give? I’m very excited to present this to you all and I look forward to recording it!  Official release date will be announced here and YouTube so please subscribe to either or both so you don’t miss out. xoxox

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