Goodbye 2016

At the end of every year I like to take stock. Some years, more than others, I’m happy to have made it as emotionally I’m just barely hanging on.  As weird as this year was, I’m happy to report that I don’t feel that way this year.


This year was definitely full of collective lessons. Ones that we’ll never have to repeat again as long as we got it the first time…or third. What we are witnessing is the crumbling of all that is not based on fairness, love, or for the ultimate good of all. Greed, pillaging, hate…these things can no longer be sustained as a system.  This is why in the coming years you will see many corporations completely cease to exist.  Some industries may also disappear for good, while others spring up in their place. Witnessing those that hurt, torture and seek only for profit fall will make 2016 worth having experienced.

By now, most people are having a pretty good “coming to”. They are realizing that the consumerism/ego living is no longer working for them as they teeter upon rock bottom. As someone who has walked a few dark nights of the soul, I am here to say to those specific people that running or numbing will only prolong the pain. Embrace the newness and the desire to seek fulfillment from sustainable sources, such as loving relationships. The purchasing of consumer goods to fill that void will only hurt more in the long run. Opening the heart despite your past wounds will truly set you free.

I personally believe that how you energetically begin one year is much of what will continue for the rest of it. This is why my house, both inner and outer, was triple cleaned all week long. My dirty laundry, both literally and figuratively, has been done not to bring any “dirty rags” into 2017 with me. Some career conversations that would have been tough for me a few months ago, have been spoken out loud for new ideas to emerge from, and I have taken a mental note about a few other things that need nurturing and tending, but can’t possibly done in one day. In those instances, the intention has been set in writing listen and watch for answers, and then follow my inspired guidance to resolve them.

Going into 2017, it is going to be imperative to focus on organizing and evolving systems. This means at work, at home, and in life as a whole. If it doesn’t bring joy, productivity, or profit, then it has to be set free. This will include people. The POGs (Marine Corps term meaning Persons Other than Grunts) are going to have to get the fuck out of the way of progress.  Grunts, such as myself, are working at a steady and efficient pace to unclog the systems that are about to fall due to lack of fairness, oppressive authority, and wrongful profit. Objects, people – especially those who have no value but collect large profit, and ways of being that obstruct true altruism, productivity, and profit of the light are going to be eliminated at work, at home, in the government and anywhere else that you can think of.  To those that get ejected from being useless or misguided, this will serve as their wake up call to come back and actually do the work to be a productive member of this society, and “get in where they fit in.” The Grunts are tired of doing all of the work around the clogs and getting no benefit or actual return. It’s time to be not nice and force those out who no longer belong but are not willing to move on their own.

Most of what we witnessed in 2016 is a lot of people rise to fame, fortune and power without contributing a whole lot to society. Yet in fact, there were so many people that did a world of good and brought about true change but they where not who the media focused on. What we turn our attention to is what prevails and 2017 will be no different. We can focus on the fact that archaic systems that do us no good are crumbling, complain about it and fall victim to the fear, doom and gloom that the media will undoubtedly attempt to serve us on their sensationalized platters, or we can see it for what it is; the undoing of a parasitic system that will give way to a newer, more efficient and innovative way of working and living. The newness is where many will prosper as their ideas now have a proper platform.  Any way of looking at it, there will be a need for personal responsibility as co-dependence is forced by the way side. Don’t get scared, or allow others around you to be either. Independence is addicting as is the empowerment that is the byproduct. No one can take from you that which you have built patiently and fully.

2017 has many surprises for us and how we view them will be based entirely upon how we see the world. And how we see the world is based on how we feel on our insides. There will be “triggers” for some and these can then be used as a starting point on figuring out that which needs to be changed for good. Old lessons not fully learned, events not fully healed from, past hurts inflicted by those who have never taken accountability for their reign…they will continue to come up for review until one decides to deal with them head on. False fortunes could be lost, while those living and surviving in scarcity may finally realize that we create our realities based on our thoughts, beliefs, habits and character. Most of which can be changed with awareness and diligence. For some the world may feel like it’s coming apart at the seams and we are all doomed, while for others they will see it as a coming together. This will depend on where one stands on their own personal journey in this lifetime.

I for one am greatly looking forward to 2017. Not because I feel anything will be better than 2016 and I’m rushing to get it the hell out of here, but because I am one of those people who can see the larger good/God that 2017 will help to usher in. This world has never been without problems, but now there is a greater mass awareness of what needs to be changed. If you don’t know what to do, don’t be a POG and not do anything. Evaluate your resources. Use what you have. Be willing to change and willing to follow a wayshower to help guide you on your way until you feel more confident to go out on your own for awhile. NO ONE can change you but you, and NO ONE is coming to save you – you have work to do and you have to do the work. If you don’t want to live in misery, confusion and discomfort, then you will accept this fact of life on planet Earth.

Alas, don’t forget to look for the beauty in every single moment. It is always there, no matter what. Like the flower that grows in between the cracks in the concrete, it will always exist. This is hard to remember when you feel badly, but that doesn’t negate the beauty’s existence. This is going to be a wonderful ride whether you are the caterpillar going into the cocoon, emerging from the darkness about to spread your wings, or wandering around not even knowing that it’s time to make a cocoon…we’re all in this together. We may be at different stages along our journey’s path, but we’re all just walking each other home. Kindness is the word of 2017. Kindness and simplicity because at some point we will all need it.

I am honored and humbled by those who chose to read my guided words. I wish you and yours a healthy, prosperous, and happy New Year.




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