Lightworker Quarterly: A guide for the next 90 days (Part II)



Welcome back to the Lightworker Quarterly report for December through February/March. By now you’ve been able to pick and chose from Part I what is right for you to integrate into your life at this point in your ascension.  If you wish to refresh your memory, I encourage you to click here.

I would like to reiterate that these topics are not written about in depth, they are a jumping off point for Lightworkers to continue their education independently. I suggest doing the opposite of what I did, and that is to pick one or two subjects that pertain to your current journey and immerse yourself fully. Taking them all on actually dilutes your education, and can even lead to the depression that overwhelm can usher in. The resources today are plenty, easily accessible, and much of the time free. Note that if you’re being pulled or guided to begin to learn more about a subject, then there is a reason. More than likely it’s not just for your own good, but the good of others as you begin to share what you’ve learned.  More on coming out of the “spiritual closet” later.

There is much work to be done, and we are doing it very well.  Many are a little tired, but there is confirmation abound that the SHIFT is actually here. Our job is to usher it in completely and as gently as possible, and it will take a few years. So rest, replenish, and keep at your studies.  I hope that this report in some way helps you all.

Without further delay, let us begin xoxo;


~ Politics & Religion ~

Let’s just get the toughest part of the way.  Since both politics and religion are founded completely in beliefs, as well as the placation from leaders to those beliefs, I’m putting them together.

Politics (and religion) has become nasty subjects that can turn into a battle of the wills and wit very quickly, even under the best intentions. This usually occurs with individuals assuming that their political/religious ideology is an ingrained part of themselves rather than an extension of themselves that has the right to evolve.  Therefore, if one person points out that another person’s political/religious ideology as flawed, odds are that person will feel personally attacked as if they’re being told that they themselves are flawed.  Let this be a lesson to all of us of what not challenging our belief systems can eventually manifest into.  A person is healthy if they’re changing their minds when they receive new and vetted information.

Alas the personal belief system is why spirituality and politics are actually cousins. It is hard to believe that a person loves God as their Creator when they are willing to allow sisters and brothers, also from the same Creator, be oppressed.  It is hard to believe a person who claims to respect God as our Heavenly Father, the Creator of all things, and yet participate in our Earth being destroyed in the interest of corporate profit. Could it be that they actually don’t know God? Is it possible that they are using God’s good name in attempt to control the mass population?

Here we’ve come upon a time where it is essential to walk the talk. One simply cannot love God on Sundays only any longer. Christians are being called to be as Christ-like as they claim to be and I just don’t recall any stories about Christ excluding people from love. If memory serves me, he hung around sinners, whores, and leapers. This may mean being Christ-like without subscribing to any particular religion. What it certainly means is making up our minds and standing firmly without forcing our belief upon another. God did give us Free Will, and another human does not have the right to take that option away from another, for doing so alters both people’s journey and soul contracts.

Having the knowledge that everything is energy and it all comes from one Creator and that we are all connected leaves us with the incredible burden or gift (because perception) that we have to put our politicians, (and those who claim to be Christian, since they’re all so entwined these days), to task.  It is not un-lightworker like to shout if you have to. Jesus did flip tables in the name of injustice did he not? It is not beneath us to write well crafted letters to legislators or thought out open letters and opinion papers. Praying for guidance first on what to do and then following through with the messages that you receive – no matter how small or impossible it may look – is enough.

If you look at the people of Standing Rock, that is in fact what opposition to injustice looks like. It’s tough. It’s very uncomfortable. But you will find that you can draw parallels from your own personal life where you were able to stand strong despite being uncomfortable because you knew that you were on the correct side of the issue. You will be protected. You will be guided. But you do have to act. It is time.

As for the politicians themselves; remember neuromarketing mentioned in Part I? You best believe that politicians who lack integrity know what to say and to whom about certain issues. Especially about those issues that they have no plans on doing anything about, but their so hot that promising folks who hold on to them with a kung foo death grip the world, is a career maker. Not to worry though, those who lack integrity are in fact losing their stronghold on the masses. What will end their reign faster is when we all shed our light upon them, because why? “Light scatters darkness”

To Do: Evaluate your own political ideology

When it comes to politics I, as an empathic Lightworker, do all that I can to stay informed and detached. I listen to news, when I am guided to, from other countries. This saves me time as I get to understand the issues from the other perspective and how American decisions will impact other countries. You can just forget about our media for awhile. As indicated in Part I, unless it’s a newly evolved independent news source, our current media is too embedded with our corporate government.

As a paralegal and constant student of psychology and politics, I know that this is the part in the timeline where the real work begins. Before I could do anything though, I had to sit and completely re-evaluate what I believe based on the principals of the New Earth that I know to be true. If I’m being honest, then I have to say that there were many things that I did a complete 360 on. There were even some fights that I abandoned as I came to find out that I was on the wrong side of the issue.

To Help Others:

By doing the above,  you are helping others. But while you are doing that, open yourself up to “the other side”. You will find that both you and the person that you believe to be opposite of you, feel that you’re right. It’s the media’s job to make us believe that there are only two sides; right and wrong. Democrat or Republican. Pro this or Anti that. The truth is that isn’t true. Life is gray, not black and white. The last thing that the system wants is 7 billion people sitting down and coming to a compromise. For if we did, several industries – none of which actually serve us – would cease to exist. The way to end war profiteering, the epicenter of bad politicians – is for us to work it out among ourselves. We can leave the Government completely out of it because there are more of us than there are of them anyway.

The final way to move about these sticky subjects is to fully allow yourself to become the observer. Understand that by doing this, you’re suspending personal feelings and can move freely among the timeline. You’re easily able to see all sides of the issues and as it turns out, they’re multi-faceted. The reason I was able to abandon some fights, that a few months ago I never thought I would, was because I flew above the subject to garner the 30,000 foot view.  Like the hawk. I was then able to see where every argument was stemming from, and truthfully it seems like most of what people are basing their arguments on is fear. This goes back to both Religion and Politics as using this emotion to drive our behaviors. In the end, politics and religion won’t shape us as a society any longer; we’ll shape politics and religion.

~ Coming out of the “Spiritual Closet” ~

This is it, the time is here. It is time for us as Lightworkers to fully emerge ourselves and allow this to transfer over into our everyday workings. Many of us are dealing oracle cards in the morning over coffee, putting some crystals in our bra when we get dressed, and then from 9-5 mum is the word until we get home again to meditate in front of our alters. Some of us practice quietly because our past lives are riddled with being burned at the stake or ostracized from our communities. I am being told that it is safe for us to emerge now. It may seem strange at first using the vocabulary that we use with each other out in the open world, but you will find that now more than any other time in history people are ready to hear our messages.

To Do: Let it flow…

Just as little as 10 years ago, it was still difficult to use certain words around friends or tell someone that I see number sequences as messages from my guides, but I’ve been lucky enough to never have the experience where anyone told me (to my face) that I was weird. In fact, it was the opposite. The more in touch I became with my higher self and the more I would allow messages to move through me untouched by my logical or conditioned mind, the more the other person would be intrigued. Sometimes I would hear what I just said and on the inside go “oh no!”, and the response I would get from the other person would be that they needed to hear it. Usually, they would ask for more information or clarification and the conversation would move to the next level.

To help others

The cliché applies here: Just be yourself. I’ve been known to now show the stones that I carry to someone when I’m guided to. We’ve evolved and ascended enough now where we will know what to do, when, and what to say to whom. Remember to walk and speak gently, and think of your favorite Arch Angel. How would they talk and move in the current situation? Holding back at this time will feel way more uncomfortable than being thought of as weird. We will need to move with the flow on this. The more you keep with daily spiritual activities, the better prepared you will be to do your work outside.

~ Self-Care & Value ~

This topic is a major one in which all of the rest of the topics fall under. Even the most disciplined among us with self-care need reminders to stop and fill the tank. This isn’t a topic that I’m really good at these days, but I am being guided to make it part of this post.

The truth that you need to fill your cup first so that you can give from a full one will always be true. Self-care is vital, not a luxury. The social conditioning that is in current use is wrong. Very wrong. And it’s part of the propaganda used in consumerism tactics mentioned in Part I. However, self care goes far beyond purchasing products.

We have to do a lot of work in the outside world, this means that we need a nest to come back to in order to replenish ourselves. Our home is our sanctuary, a walk in alter if you will, and it makes no difference where it is, how large or expensive it is, we can make it perfect for us for free. First and foremost, there should be enough open space for restorative energy to move through to you. As we become our higher selves, we will get more sensitive to erroneous objects and energy in our living quarters. This is normal. Do what you are guided to do. Keep only what you treasure and purge. Afterwards, clean, reduce, recycle, pass on things to be a blessing to someone else and always, always sage. Personally, I’m in love with the KonMarie method because she understand that our objects also have energy and her method of decluttering becomes a spiritual practice. If you follow her steps, you’ll only have to do it once!

To Do: Stop

We stop daily to plug in our cellphones to charge right? So we have to do the same with ourselves. I’m partial to moving meditation, but for others it may mean sitting for at least 10-20 minutes a day.  We need to have the time and the space to receive our messages and guidance, and a well organized home coupled with a disciplined self-care practice is how we get what we need in order to move around in the outside world. Please don’t negotiate on this.

To help others:

Just like everything else, by doing all of the above you are helping others because you will have created a reserve in which to share from. As I have personally found out of the last 90 days, the world keeps spinning if you turn your phone off at night. It also keeps moving if you delegate tasks to those who are capable and willing to help you. It is excellent self-care to not spread yourself too thin. Remember that you are needed, and if you need guidance on how to fill yourself up just ask for it!

By making yourself a priority, by having a clean and clear space in which to go about restorative practices, and by using discernment about what and who you are exposed to and for how long, you are a living example for others to observe. You unknowingly give permission for others to be rested, organized, and fulfilled. When we live this way, very little can rock our boats. What would a world full of rested and fulfilled people look like? That’s what we are helping to bring about. So self-care isn’t selfish, it’s self-less.

If you need inspiration, Cheryl Richardson’s The Art of Self Care published by Hay House is phenomenal.

~ Banking & Finance ~

Personal finance is just that, personal. I experimented with it in the past as a young adult and learned a great deal. As a result, I’ve found a way to keep it very simple. So simple in fact that my finances practically take care of themselves, but it took a great deal of trial and error as well as prudence. I will have a video up on my YouTube channel within a couple of weeks about using 3 accounts and one line of credit to “set it and forget it”. However, for this post’s purposes, let us discuss more about the energy of money.

In Part I we discussed consumerism and “dirty money”, but now I would like to discuss money as a tool. This topic can go on forever, but simplicity sake I’m only going to make two points;

Money is an energetic tool that responds to how we think and feel about it. Therefore it’s our duty to get our relationship with it very straight. This means that we more than likely have to abandon what our parents taught us, what society shows us and a whole bunch of other oppressive beliefs. The reason why this is important to do right now is because we have to call back our energy, our power, from where we may have left it before.  Which leads me to point two;

0.5% of the 1% owning half of the wealth of the entire world means that we’ve allowed ourselves to be hosts to a parasitic monetary system for too long. I’m not saying that the .5% of the 1% is evil or that they are good, but hoarding this much wealth while the majority of the people fall into poverty is not right or of the light and I will leave it at that. Part of their ability to syphon off of us is that we’ve allowed the message that we are not worthy of money seep too deep into our systems. This is part of the conditioning that we must break out of now. Why? Because we need that money back.

Companies and banks that are invested in destructive things, like the pipeline, can get away with anything because they have unlimited resources. Technically, so do we. We just fall victim into thinking that we don’t. Imagine if Lightworkers held half of the global wealth? No one would be homeless or hungry. Everyone would be on the road to learning and taking personal responsibility for returning energy done onto them, and every child would be taught how to find their Divine Life Purpose. This will happen, but we have to get our power back first.  To do this, we need to ask for fair compensation and keep our skills sharp and innovative. We also have to come to the understanding that we are worthy of receiving and then allow it in. Once we have the money or other resources, we have to be very smart about where it’s going to go. I once heard a YouTube coin the term “Conscious consumption”, we can also say “conscious giving”. Watch were your money/energy goes, and this includes the financial institutions that it sits in.

One affirmation that really works is this “I now open my arms to receiving the loving gifts that the Universe sends to me and to everyone.” This one has never let me down.

To Do: Take care of your finances

This means to guard it in the same manner that you guard your energy since it’s one in the same. Take care of it, nurture it, and only send it to do work in great things. Money is power, but not in the way that we’ve been taught. It is necessary, for now, and it is subject to abuse. By doing our part to take care of our corner of the world, investing in great and innovative things while they are still penny stocks; like marijuana and solar/wind energy, we can bring in the money/energy to do good with while giving “green” industries a huge chance against big pharma and fossil fuel industries about to go by the wayside.

To help others:

Remember, the dark ones feel that if they keep us poor enough, we’ll be easily manipulated. Like working more, for less because we fear there is no other way.  By cleaning up our financial life, we are helping others. We have the opportunity to invest in start-ups that will fulfill our future. We won’t fall victim into having to patronize big box stores that are proven to be leaching off of our tax dollars as corporate welfare. We’ll be able to pay the fair price for a product not produced under horrendous human rights violations.

By taking care of what you already have, you will be amazed at just how much money you have left at the end of the month when you really examine your purchases. You’ll be even more surprised at how much you have when you have no debt. Remember, the Latin translation of mortgage is literally “death grip”. Pay it all off, but in the meantime start calling back your power/money/energy, from any place that you mistakenly left it in your past.

~ Food ~

We have to eat, but we can begin to learn more about where that food comes from. Warning though, you may not like it.

We know that the CEO of Monsanto has infiltrated our FDA. We also know that congress passed legislation that allows our chickens here in the U.S. to be shipped to China for slaughter and packaging, and then sent back to be sold. The kicker is that by law, they don’t have to label the product as having undergone this very questionable and highly unregulated practice.  There are many theories as to why our food is being tampered with, but one reason that it is not is because there is a lack of food. In fact, the U.S. alone throws away 40% of it’s food. This keeps prices and demand high. If you wish to further your education on the current state of our food production, there are several documentaries on Netflix right now, many of them have been made available to stream online for free.

Some may say it’s to keep us sick and dependent on big pharmacology. Some argue it’s the real life Hunger Games meant to keep us scrappy. And lastly, some may argue that it’s population or mind control; much like how Hitler laced concentration camp’s water supply with fluoride to keep the masses docile. No one can argue that the some of our population lacks logic and common sense. Is it the food and water? It’s something to consider. Yet if any of the above has one kernel of truth to it, it needs to alarm us. It is now important that we become educated and consider homesteading to any level that we can accomplish in order to share our crops and information.

To Do: Education

Forget processed foods completely, I admit this will be a challenge for me. Begin to gather as much information as possible on gardening, homesteading, and actual cooking. Food is fuel, and it infiltrates every cell of our being, and most importantly, our pineal gland. I personally just ordered Doreen Virtue’s Eating in the Light to start the transition to being a vegetarian. Do what feels right and understand that this may change several times as you evolve on your path.

To help others: Share

Share the knowledge that you come up with, the articles and documentaries that you find, and when you’re a successful backyard or container gardener, share your crops!

~ Family & Romantic Relationships ~

Our final topic of this report is the relationships that we have with others. This subject is saturated with programs, books, seminars and anything else you can think of. I think we are finally understanding that most of our outside relationships mirror the relationship that we have with ourselves. For all of the rest of the relationships, I believe that we understand the need for discernment, as well as assertiveness.

As Lightworkers and Empaths, we want to fix every thing and that really isn’t our job. Sometimes we have to leave people where they want to stay and move forward ourselves. We can do this easily when we remember God’s Free Will for us and that people have control over their personal reality. What of when someone steps on our own Free Will however?

Assertiveness is when we are clearly able to articulate calmly and sternly in a positive way where our rights, or those of others, have been infringed upon. This takes practice and even the most skilled may still face opposition from the opposite side as they misunderstood the feedback. The other side can be as mad as they want to, but truth can’t be argued with and the assertive person will know this and not feel the need to resort to aggressive or passive aggressive remarks.  Again, this take practice and even some training.

To Do: Practice

In any way that feels natural, learn as much as possible about articulation, verbal dexterity, and positive conflict resolution. There are so many resources available from all different angles. The most efficient way to gain vocabulary is to read. To learn articulation and presentation of a topic, the quickest way to learn is to watch TedTalks. The education will make one confident in their speech, but to really put it all together to be an unstoppable force for all that is positive, is to record yourself talking. Even if no one ever sees it and you erase it afterwards, getting comfortable in front of a camera will make you comfortable in front of a crowd.

To help others:

By being impeccable in your speech, your words energetically vibrate throughout the entire Universe. You help millions if not billions every time you speak truth.

In closing, it is important to remember that these topics will evolve and become more detailed in future reports. The basic detail stated here is to get everyone on the same page to move forward in their chosen directions, as well as to have a documented launch pad for future Lightworkers as they come into awareness. It triples as a launch pad that we all can come back to if we lose our way or made a wrong turn for us. I hope that it was helpful, and I hope that I can continue to be of service in the manner.

Going forward, my YouTube channel is going to be pretty active here shortly as I take some of these topics and produce short tips on living within them. If you feel so inclined, I would love if you would join me there by subscribing so that you have access to when I post them. They won’t be fancily done at this moment, I’m pretty incapable of the editing process for now. 😉 but I can promise guided and condensed information that can be put into practice immediately.

As always, I hope that you consider sharing this message far and wide, as we need to get all those who wish to be involved in bringing in the New Earth activated. Much love, light, peace and health to you all until we meet again!


15078543_1815069908769966_4256791351315414977_nI am a Lightworker who puts her writing “in service” to the other side to bring us messages. I would like to thank AA Gabriel for the help today.

“Remember to lovingly receive”

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