Lightworker Quarterly: a guide for the next 90 days (Part I)


When I opened up my blog this week, I had no idea that I would be writing a blog post like this.  There were actually a few times where I began to second guess myself and almost abandoned the post all together.  I’m guessing that many of you know what that feels like.  Ultimately, I know that if I don’t write what I’m being guided to write, I’ll feel uncomfortable and become quite cranky. No one in my life wants me cranky, I can promise you.

Raise your hand if the past four weeks have been some of the most trying weeks that you can recall in recent history.  Keep your hand raised if you’re completely different now then you were at the end of October.  Continue to keep your hand up if you’re a tad freaked out yet a little excited at the same time.

No matter what though, you’re here and doing it so a sincere Congratulations from me.

The personal changes that I rapidly went through over the course of the past month, made me reach out to one of my lightworking groups, and thank God that I did.  As it turns out, quite a few people were feeling some sort of way like I was, and that’s when I got the message that I need to change my writing up. I can’t profess that I know everything, but there are some things that I’ve figured out the hard way and I want to write them down as the guide for other lightworkers. I wrote it in a style that I wish I would have had a few years ago. I may have been able to navigate right around somethings instead of running right through them.

via Adept Initiates

The above photo is pretty accurate isn’t it? I stumbled acrossed it when I was looking for signs that I was on the write path (see what I did there).  The image came from my siSTAR over at Moon Struck Magick, and if you need some raising consciousness mojo I encourage you to “like” the page.

As we all know, emerging from the deep slumber to a larger awareness of the world and this life, can leave some with fear and least of all, tons of questions. It is because of this fear and these questions that I chose to re-direct my writing to those who choose to emerge as leaders in this changing dynamic that is playing out on the timeline.  I think that some people hear “light” and “worker” and instantly images of angels singing and Mother Teresa come to mind. For some lightworkers, that imagery is highly accurate…the Dali Lama for instance. However, lightworkers come in all sorts of varieties.  For those such as myself, we’re more akin to being dressed in armor with a sickle in our hands continuously mowing down the bullshit so a new and brighter path can be brought forth by others.  The small problem is…some of those responsible for bringing the brighter path are at this moment too timid to emerge from the background.  Understandably so, some of the topics that we have contend with in this life are pretty sticky.

My inspiration was to write about each hot topic and hopefully give enough information and suggestions about each to alleviate concerns when faced with said topics, as well as spark interest in readers beginning to further their own research about each.  These topics will never go away completely since they are part of the plan, so as lightworkers we have to become competent with navigating them. We begin by getting our own feelings and beliefs straight about them first so we can be examples for others to do the same.

There is much work to be done and I fully expect many, if not all, of these topics to continue to show up in future Lightworker’s Quarterly reports. This post in particular is being done in two parts with the second part to mostly concentrate on topics that revolve around our personal inner worlds, where as this post mainly focuses on the outer world.  Whether I have a full understanding of what I’m being asked to do here or not, let’s begin;


~ Fear of Change ~

Most of the current worldly changes are being met with fear. I will add that I’m pretty proud of people because it is no where near as bad as it could be.  Nonetheless, most fear is actually just fear of the unknown.  Humans are conditioned beings and when we don’t know what tomorrow or next year will look like, it can make us nervous at best.  However, when you have centuries of oppression and genocide to various degrees coming up for review, this is what the beginning of change for the positive looks like.  Just like if a person where to heal from a tragic event, the first step is acknowledging that something has happened.  What makes world change scary for most, is that it comes down to all of the people making a change. This means strangers who have their own minds and own beliefs are a part of what happens to us as a collective.  The good news is that we are all the same in our basis. We are from the Creator, and although we will always have polarity, or ying and yang, love will always outweigh and outlast darkness.  Shadows cannot hide in the light, and that is where we come in.

It is true for some that facing what can no longer be denied is scary, but much like a young child awakes from a nightmare, our job may only be to comfort them and assure them that their personal reality lies within their control. With that, we point them in the right direction and send them off on the beginning of their journey with lots of love and healing light.  What an honor to be the first person someone sees when they wake up, am I right?

Make sure that we let the awakened do their own heavy lifting however.  It is too easy as a lightworker to want to get into the car and drive them to their destination personally, but that’s not what we are here for.  Enabling anyone about anything is detrimental to their own soul contract that they made with God and with others. We must remember that when we too get fearful and want to join in on their feelings…I’m looking at you empaths 😉

To Do: Gut check your past messages about change…

Personally, I used to be terrified of change, or so I was told that I was. I had to finally realize that I didn’t actually believe that was true. That was someone else’s belief or fear that was projected on to me and I had to set that aside without judgment.  As it turns out, now a days if I wake up one day too much like I was the day before, I actually become disappointed.

The true narrative that we have to push as workers is that change, or rather, evolution will become exciting. Eventually, one will begin to understand that evolution means becoming more of our natural selves. Every personal change in ideology brings one closer to what our purpose for being here is. Constant shedding, both inside of us and that of the outside world, is inevitable. People who don’t yet understand this will seek solace that things will be alright…and it’s our job as lightworkers to give them something to see. When people get too fearful and have no good examples of change being positive, they may chose instead to seek above mentioned solace in addictive behaviors in an attempt to numb the fear. While much of that is out of our control and may be part of someone’s planned story, it is our job to keep these consequences in the back of our mind because our not fulfilling our own purposes does have unintended repercussions.

To help others:

We must be steady and centered no matter what happens around us…like lighthouses on the inlet.  Yet we cannot be afraid to raise our voices to redirect said change if it’s going off course into a direction that is harmful for humanity. (Assertiveness will be studied in Part II)

There are many things in this day to day life that lies beyond our control.  What we aim to radiate is that we have a choice in how we act/react within our control at all times. It’s helpful to recognize in others just starting to wake up that taking control over their thoughts and actions maybe difficult for them at first.  I remember being quite angry when I realized certain truths.  It’s like young child learning to ride a bike, they’ll need guidance and some basic instruction.  We need to model that it is always possible to change personal patterns.  They should also know that any help that they need, resources other than you, is not only available but easier to access now than any other time in history.


~ Consumerism ~

By now most of us know that what we see about certain lifestyles- Kardashians included – is an illusion.  Personally, I’ve worked with, for, and around many multi-millionaires; most with names that you would recognize, and they just don’t act like or spend like how they are portrayed.  These illusions of continuous and mindless spending that are pushed on us are meant to keep us numb, tied up in nonsense, and to keep our attention off of the important issues in the world.  Flashing glitz, glamour, and drama before us on a constant stream is what keeps the harmful entities in play because we are not paying attention to what they are doing while we remain in a constant state of low vibrational frustration.  Maybe even despair.  Included in these messages are messages that we are not valuable just as we are, nor are we worthy of admiration of others unless we meet a certain financial and beauty threshold.  Guess what? Those ideal beauty and financial thresholds just happen to be available for anyone to attain…for a price.

Its called neuromarkting.  A term that sprung up several years ago that married neuroscience and marketing, it’s basically consumer psychology on what conditions us to purchase along with matching images/messages to get us to do so.  This is information that those who shoot or trample others for $175.00 Air Jordans should be taught, but that may take some time so we first need to educate ourselves.

If you look at the graphics of this company specifically, they have a three part motto with pictures that goes as follows: “Scientifically Capture” – using a picture of a fishing hook dangling over a picture of the brain; “Scientifically Convince” – using a picture of a funnel being placed into a brain; and “Scientifically Close” – with a picture of a buy button on the top of the brain.

Here is one of their pitch lines: “With SalesBrain’s NeuroCreative, you’ll get straight to the real decision maker – your prospect’s Reptilian Brain!” 

The reptilian brain is the lowest portion of our brain that includes the brain stem and the cerebellum. This part of the brain was the first to develop as it controls the basic functions such as breathing. This area is also referred to as our most “primitive” area of the brain because as the brain has evolved over the years, the portion that has impulse control/decision making/consequence of action etc. evolved way after the “reptilian brain”. By messaging directly to this portion of the brain, they’re trying to get our buying products as natural and repetitive as our breathing and blinking. So what this specific company is actually saying to it’s customer base about you is “bypass-their-logic-to-program-them”.

Maybe neuromarketing isn’t bad, but this would depend entirely upon the companies who use it and how they use it, but truthfully advertisers don’t think highly of us. I once explored advertising our law firm with a cable company’s online services. The ad guy came to meet me to discuss our firm’s needs and long term goals. He told me that I have to remember that “people are basically stupid”.  He went on to say that the most basic person will eventually do anything that you tell them to do if you tell them to do it enough.  You should also know that those remote controls that you speak into to change the channel are always on and listening to your household conversations. What it picks up on dictates what internet ads you will see.  He told me that too. Needless to say, our law firm didn’t move forward with this sort of advertising.  We’re not desperately attempting to trap people into using our services.  However, what I got was confirmation that this is how advertisers think of us and invasion of privacy to learn about you is fair game to them. Remember that the next time that you go shopping for a brand specific product.

To Do: Evaluate our purchasing habits & continue to do so…

Understand that marketing in 2016 is a highly evolved and sophisticated means of presenting products.  Knowing this then forces us to protect our minds.  We can do this first and foremost by getting rid of the cable package. At the very least, install On Demand so that you can glide right through commercials. On top of that, extreme diligence in how and what we purchase is more necessary than ever.

When I was 20 I racked up over $8,000 in credit card debt from mindless shopping. I would even go so far as to say that I was addicted to it.  I had suffered through several losses in a row and was at a critical turning point in my life. Nearly a senior in college, my education was up for review, a long time romantic relationship was coming to an end, I didn’t know what I though about myself or where I wanted to go.  It was much easier to buy products in an attempt to both mask the pain I was feeling, as well as avoid it completely. I would watch romantic dramas, and then run out to purchase products to emulate a lifestyle I was watching at night alone in my bedroom.  Being a copy cat has never been who I am, yet there I was…a rat on the wheel.  These purchases made me feel high temporarily and the products glitzed enough where I believed that no one would notice that I was actually very sad, scared, lonely and confused.  I was very lucky that I had the means to pay it all off when I came to my senses, but my hard work earning that money, as well as all of the better things that could have been done with that money, went out the window.

Alas, some of the best life lessons are very expensive, otherwise how would you remember it? We can get a check on our purchasing by stopping to analyze purchases up against a personal criteria.  These questions could include: Do I need this or do I just want it? (Wanting it is fine but we have to examine the want), do I want it because I’m told that I have to have it? Will it add value to my life? Does it bring joy? Will it even be relevant next year, next week or in 10 years? Is this a temporary high?

To help others:

We simply must slow down and think when it comes to the power of consumerism because it is a power. Others will observe this, and it will give them permission to do the same. Since much advertising circles around keeping us competing with one another materialistically, by exiting the matrix we have a chance to take control of our personal finances as well as break a cycle of needless competition all at once.

This topic can be overwhelming but to be honest, just being mindful in purchasing is enough.  From there the evolution from numb consumer to informed advocate who votes daily with their dollars becomes a natural progression.


~ Media ~

This topic and the above can go hand in hand. I chose to separate them however, to speak more in terms of “news”.  Be it known that out of 1,900+ media outlets that include print, TV, and radio, less than 10 corporations own all of them. You’re only going to hear what “they” want you to hear.  The easiest way to keep the masses under control and ignorant is to pit them against one another with conflicting information and keep them in fear of a larger enemy.  To summarize it better than I can, I present to you a direct quote from Hermann Goering, a military leader of the Nazi party during the Nuremberg Trials who was punished to death by hanging at the end of the trials;


What makes this quote so poignant is that history has, and continues, to repeat itself.  Part of our purpose in this life time is to guide in the New Earth where war is understood as not being necessary.  We must educate ourselves on events such as the Nuremberg Trials, Nazi Germany, and how our current Government participates in foreign affairs. This is a topic that drives most to want to stick their heads in the sand.  I’m here to tell you that denial or avoidance is of the past as we no longer have either luxury. In fact, we get nothing else at all right, this topic is the one that we must to prevail in.

To Do: Use vigilant discernment in what we absorb and take as “news”

When we bought our house a few years ago, Michael and I decided not to reinstall our satellite package.  Boy you should have heard the offers they were slinging at me when I went to change from suspended account to outright cancel! The truth is we were spending way too much time in front of the DVR, and even though I gave up watching traditional news years before, it would still seep in as I began to observe plot lines revolving around current events.  Even past TV there is Facebook and all that is trending. I constantly have to crosscheck and vet news headlines. For a while, before the mass realization that mainstream media was fucking with us, it would take more than 3 hours out of my day doing all the leg work to find real truth and passing it on. Which I ended up taking a lot of heat for from Facebook friends who love to remain in denial. It was too much, but I learned a lot.

Consider unplugging the TV for awhile.  It protects your mind and your soul a bit, and when enough of us do it, it starts to send a clear message to news outlets that we’re no longer buying their hype.  There is a nice uprising in independent news sources.  There are plenty of journalists that are boots on the ground all up in the muck and mire and are bringing it to you live via video.  Even then, stopping to do a gut check is vital because independent or not, it’s still coming from another human being who has their own set of perceptions and beliefs on the world.

To help others:

Really understand and vet the facts surrounding events. It may be close to impossible to do for every single event, but focus on the main or important ones to you at least. Knowledge is confidence giving and this knowledge that you procure will help you to firmly plant your feet in the ground on the correct side of the issue. It’s important to speak up when you feel guided to, and being able to articulate what you know will help every single person within earshot and then beyond.  It is said that by enlightening one person you actually enlighten 1,000. So if you’re talking to 5 people in front of you, you’re energetically speaking to 5,000 people. So make sure that 5,000 people are walking around with the correct information 🙂

~ Corporations ~

By now we have a wide understanding of how corporate greed is harming our everyday lives.  The ripple effect of corporations gone wild under deregulation, which began decades ago, has reached out and touched us.  This will continue to happen until we can come more into our own centers and decide what is necessary for living this life and what never was.  (See consumerism above)

Eventually, businesses that do harm or work without integrity will fall.  Just like a balloon can only hold so much air before it bursts, only so many CEOs can collect $127 million golden parachutes while sending jobs overseas and/or paying zero federal taxes, before it all comes crashing down.  When the dust settles, the companies who remain will be worthy of our patronage as their survival will mean that they have always practiced integrity. As the giants restructure and lick their wounds, the vacant space left open will give way to smaller and medium sized business to either begin or to grow. New standards will be set with living wages and stripping the worker to pad the company coffers will be over forever.

Another glorious byproduct of these events will be that people will finally give up wrapping their personal identity and survival into their jobs. They will chose instead to find their ideal vocation and not care whether or not they can make money at it.  Only then will they realize that following your Divine Purpose is what brings you wealth. Both literally and figuratively.

To Do: Research a corporations business practices & holdings…

We can get a jump on getting corporations doing dirty business to realize the error of their ways by quietly analyzing our everyday involvement with them.  For some, this may mean leaving a career at one of these companies for work within a smaller or different company.  For others it may mean making everyday purchases elsewhere.  For all of us it should mean a major commitment to shopping locally and minimizing our spending with them.  For instance, I can’t do anything about the electric company that I have to do business with or who I buy gasoline from because they’re all dirty. These companies are way too embedded into the current way of life for us to change over night, but I can minimize my spending with them. My electric bill last month was $64 just from turning things off that were not in use. I walk to work 3x a week making a $45 tank of gas last almost 2 weeks. I have to use them, but I feel much better about being able to keep more of my money/energy rather than them using it to do harm.

To help others:

When we find that great product from the smaller company or start up, we can give product reviews online. We can make a live stream video of us using that cleaner made product on Facebook and tag the company and others who may be interested.  We can also just quietly carry on and use the product and someone will see it and may get curious. If I told you how many conversations I have with checkout clerks when they see something in my cart and ask about it, we’d be here forever.  Especially with Christmas upon us, we can be all-star ambassadors for alternative corporations and help them grow so that maybe one day they can buy out the “bad guys”.


I hope that this first half was helpful, and it would help others out a great deal if you would share it by any means necessary.  In the next post for this quarter we’ll discuss a variety of things from banking & finance, to the importance of boundaries & assertiveness, to anything else that I’m guided to share with you.  In the meantime, be well, listen, learn, and be guided.




Jenna Prosceno is a conscious evolutionist blogger & lightworker with inspirational, and sometimes tough messages for all who share this lifetime assignment.

“Remember the I AM presence.”



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