JMP Equestrian Management Services

30727119_2077832615827026_2985376370961416192_nYou know what property management companies do for people who own rentals…in how they look after the physical property, vet and interview potential tenants and collect monthly rent?

This is what I do for landowners that have vacant horse properties…

The equestrian boarding industry has two options; Full board and pay $$$$$, or self care and pay $$$$ + do all of your own work, 2x per day 365 days per year.  I offer a different option where you do your work, have help, are able to collaborate, save money; landowners get their property taken care of and collect a residual income.

Enter the equestrian Co-Operative.

There are too many people and horses that need one another, and too many landowners that have gotten frustrated with the time it takes to find a dependable, honest equestrian willing to pay their board on time.  This frustration led to most owners shuttering their barns for good and that’s a shame.  The lack of options keeps board high and as an equestrian consumer who did the research, I was sad to see that there wasn’t really a standard  for what you got for your money. You could pay $500 per month and have decent care, or you could pay $400 monthly for a run in shed where you have to come and feed your own horse.

At the Co-operative, the hands on, DIY approach to horses keeps our horses healthy because you get to see your horse during feeding, turnout, hanging with the herd.  You get to learn their idiosyncrasies and can catch anything coming down the pike.  A lot can be said for mucking your own stall a few days per week!  You have other hands on horsemen to share the work and feedings with, and the intimate nature creates a great second home to come to.

My showcase property, The Co-Op @ Chadds Ford, is available for those discriminating landowners thinking of opening their land to this possibility and would like to see it all in action.  I will take you through the process from waivers & contracts that protect your assets, to setting the rates, to interviewing the best possible people who have clearly demonstrated their dependability.  I have a waiting list excited for a second property in Chester/Southern Chester County area.  Let’s talk.

If you are a barn manager with too many stalls and too little of a budget to hire help, I invite you to have a conversation with me as well.


View The Co-Op @ Chadds Ford’s brochure below:

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The number one foundation upon which I built this model is, Respect.

Respect for self & others

Respect for the horse

Respect for the land & landowners

We value one another’s time and effort.  We seek to improve our skills by learning from one another, and to keep our horses healthy by being gentle, hands on, and D.I.Y horsemen. If you can work, are reliable, have references to include vet and prior barn manager, I would be happy to show you around our barnyard to see if this option is for you.  If yes, it will be my pleasure to take you through the application process.

Until then…

Ride & Be Well ❤