Jenna M. Prosceno

I am many things.

I am a professional who love to be known as a high performer.  I’m a wife to the most fun individual that I could be paired with.  I’m a mother to the best son I could have ever asked for.

I am a hands on horseman who learned the hard way that not everyone shares the same dedication and that co-operative boarding was too ahead of its time.

I am a empathic person who owns a lot of crystals and even more sage.

I am a moderate minimalist in that everything I own I love and use.  Therefore our home stays tidy.  Less stuff = less of a burden.

This blog is a chronicle of just how polished, crunchy, hippy, and professional that I can be.  I prove that stereotypes are archaic and that it will all work out.  Stay a while, there is much to discuss.

Be Well,