Jenna M. Prosceno


I am many things.

A wife, mother, and professional who wakes up everyday to be a high performance individual.

I am a hands on horseman that seeks to disrupt the market by adding another option to the long standing model of boarding.

I am a Civic Association leader seeking to reclaim our neighborhoods from crime and corruption.

I am a paralegal who works to stay a head of the changing business of law landscape. You’ll catch me writing a lot about that for a few industry publications.

I am a empathic person who has to actually stay away from certain personality types because I’ll take on their chronically bad moods as my own.  Hence, I own a lot of crystals and even more sage.

I am a moderate minimalist in that everything I own I love and use.  Therefore our home stays clean, clear, and tidy.  Less stuff = less of a burden.

My husband and I are start up entrepreneurs.  Zero investors, we just budgeted our household income and took our time building slowly. It can be done.

This blog is a chronicle of just how polished, crunchy, hippy, and professional that I can be.  I prove that you don’t have to be any one way and that stereotypes are archaic.  Stay a while, there is much to discuss.


Be Well,