Never Give So Much of Yourself At Cost

When I first began managing this barn, I had a great idea to give horsemen an opportunity that I wish that I had when I needed an econimical option to keep Scarlett. What I didn’t know what would happen is that some people would take that opportunity of you being a giving person and take full advantage.

If I think back over the past decade of my life, it wasn’t only horse chicks that took advantage of me, it was bosses, “friends” and even a husband. Is it all their fault? While they should be ashamed of themselves, the ownness comes upon me to lay down and ensure people stick to my boundaries. Only…I thought that I was doing that.

If you know me in real life, you know that I’m not a shrinking violet. I run up against and push back on attorneys all day long. I yell at defense and send incredibly assertive emails in my everyday life. However, with interpersonal relationships, I’ve let too many people get away with too much, and that is part of my life lessons currently. But I’ve learned. If any of this sounds like you, maybe you will enjoy this 3 min TikTok that became pretty popular for my being such a new creator.

Be Well,

If you found my work, you’re being asked to ascend…






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