Emotions = energy in MOTION, so let it out.

I once had a boyfriend that was super good at emotional intelligence. He used to say “feelings are not facts” whenever I got upset at something. It took me a minute to figure out what he was really saying and that is that feelings are like visitiors passing through. You don’t have them stay forever – you let them come, talk to you and then you let them go.

Everything is energy right? As we all know as adults, energy cannot be destroyed, only recreated. If emotions are energy, then you can’t destroy them, you have to let it move and move through you. This goes back to my earlier post about surrender. You have to let it out. It isn’t the time to reach for a bottle of alcohol, or a credit card or even another person. It’s a time to “go to class” and see what this energetic visitor is here to teach you. You may even find out that the emotion isn’t even yours, it’s energy that you picked up while you were sitting with a friend who is having a hard time with something deep. No matter the scenario, you can only truly take your power back if you sit with it and let it pass through.

I surrended to what I was keeping locked up inside on a random Thursday. By Tuesday, I had connected so deeply with two others in my life, cleaned up my house, got into the gym, rested and began to think very deeply about what I want to create out of my life from here. It was really just a one and done purge, and though it took about 2 days to fully get it out of my system from having it shoved down so deep for so long, the glorious creations that began to happen right after made the surrender worth it.

I’m willing to put video of me crying on the internet because I think it’s truly important for others to be inspired to be authentic as well. If you look at the new state of society right now, you will see that there is no more room for those who run from who they truly are. We’re at a point where everyone must me as authentic as possible and bring their talents to the table of humanity so that we can collectively come together. Right now, we need to purge out what no longer serves our soul and purpose and that is emotional work at it’s finest. It will be like peeling back an onion, one layer leads into the next and that’s ok. You don’t want it to hit you all at once…believe me.

Feeling your emotions in the privacy of your own space, nurtured by what you need and love such as a pet, a carafe of cool water, while comfortably under your fluffy duvet, in a candlelit room to purge out months or even years worth of feelings no longer serving you…is decadent self-care and everyone should do it. Don’t be afraid of it – feel it to heal it. You may have to go back a few more times, but each time you purge it’s like building muscle, you get stronger and better.

What are your thoughts and ideas?

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